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The Answer To Good Answer Boxes

Being at the top of a search engine like Google is something that a lot of companies strive to do. For one, it is the first thing that people notice when they find something. Known as the answer box, space is usually taken up by a small snippet of text which gives the user a brief reply to the questions that they are looking for. It is one of the most attention-grabbing things on a search page, and more often than not, the most clicked one as well. A lot of times, googling for something and trying to find an answer involves clicking the various search links which redirect you to the page, which may or may not have the right answer that one is looking for. With the small clue box at the top, users know that the link that they are clicking will have a more in depth answer if the snippet doesn't solve it already, depending on the content that is usually in place.

#1 All About That Body


The body of text that exists in the answer box should extremely efficient and to the point. Answers which have a good structure or lists with proper instructions are one of the most well-received kinds of answer boxes. Using all sorts of structures like tables, lists, or paragraphs along with reciprocal images which help the user to get a better idea of what they are looking out for while keeping them informed about a site that they can visit to get more in-depth information about the subject. According to surveys, the tabular format is one of the most popular formats that answer boxes function well with, which also give the user the right information that they would need. Implementing something like this is a good way also to redirect user traffic to one's website.

#2 Give Them A Little Taste
Even though the answer box is supposed to be informative, and answer the question, in short, people aren’t going to click that link below if they get everything at first glance. Even though the answer box is supposed to be comprehensive, it shouldn’t include everything, which means the customer will have to click on your link eventually. Think of this as a sample at the store. You may like the taste of it, but a little is all you are going to get. If you like what you see, you will want to buy it and take it home. Answer boxes are like this, except the user does not have to pay to click on the link!

Even if a company or a site has an answer box that appears on the top, it need not always be exactly what the user is looking for. If that is the case, the space that the answer box is taking up is completely wasted and would serve a better purpose for something else. Having that space is one of the biggest positives for websites and can sometimes boost the number of visitors per day threefold and therefore getting it right is one of the best things that a website or brand can do. It is incredibly easy to get this right, especially if one knows these handy tips. Knowing this can benefit you extremely, ensuring that the answer box always provides the most efficient results to the users.

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